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May '11

Continued Progress

Well, I’m back in Charlotte, finished with exams and it seems that life hasn’t really slowed down all that much but it is very nice to be back at home. It is so good to catch up with friends and people from church, and just to spend time with the family. I’ve been continuing to [...]

Apr '11

A day of planning in B&N

So today’s goal is to make some serious headway with planning for this summer. I am camped out in Barnes and Noble, utilizing their travel guides to figure out where is the best places to go, when to be there, where to stay, what to do… you get the point. There is an incredible amount [...]

Apr '11

Beginning planning

About a week ago, I booked the tickets for this summer. I fly out to Frankfurt on May 24th (arrive the 25th), and then fly back home from Glascow July 31st. Very exciting to have the opportunity to spend time studying and traveling for almost 10 weeks. Now begins the process of figuring out and [...]