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Jan '12

From Heidelberg to the Hebrides

So after many months of hard work, I can finally and extremely proudly say that my book is finished!! A few personal copies came in the mail yesterday, and I think it turned out absolutely fantastic. Basically, after I got home, my Grandfather so enjoyed reading this blog, that he encouraged me to turn the [...]

Jun '11

The Trains

Traveling via train is always quite an experience. Today, I am on a train for a bit over eight hours total – with the last one being for five hours. This particular one does not have air conditioning, so for the last many hours, I have been sweating just sitting here. Oh, and across the [...]

May '11

Leaving Tomorrow!

Well, the big day is almost here. In 24 hours, I will be at the airport, getting ready to board my flight. Its hard to believe that what lies ahead is actually happening, but with all the last minute packing and preparations, it is starting to sink in. In a week, I will be in [...]

May '11

Continued Progress

Well, I’m back in Charlotte, finished with exams and it seems that life hasn’t really slowed down all that much but it is very nice to be back at home. It is so good to catch up with friends and people from church, and just to spend time with the family. I’ve been continuing to [...]

May '11


Ok, so I think I have nailed down my itinerary for this summer. I will update this if anything changes, but I have already booked accommodations in most places, so pending a transportation strike things shouldn’t change much. Flying into Frankfurt, Germany. Arriving Wednesday, May 25th. Heidelberg, Germany: Arriving Wednesday (5/25) afternoon, leaving Friday (5/27) [...]