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Jul '11


Well, I am in Glasgow now, sadly having had to leave Canna, but I am very excited about heading home tomorrow. Canna was so wonderful, especially because of the family ties to the island. It was so wonderful to stay with Magda, hearing the stories of Margaret and to be able to spend time in [...]

Jul '11

Canna, part 2

As I write this, I look out the window of my room at the cliffs of Canna and the clear blue-sky overhead. Yesterday was a little cloudy and chillier (it is nice having daily highs in the 60s or maybe hitting 70…sorry for everyone back home experiencing a heat wave! With a light jacket it [...]

Jul '11

Isle of Canna

On Wednesday I got up early and finished grocery shopping before getting on the ferry for Canna. It was a bit difficult to be able to grocery shop for absolutely everything I would need for the next nine days – by far the longest duration I have had to carry food provisions for. Without my [...]

Jul '11


On Tuesday afternoon I left Edinburgh and took the train northwards. It was probably my most ‘off’ traveling day yet, as I just seemed to be in the way and not really with the program. Oh well, it was about time I had one of those days. I had to transfer in Glasgow, and that [...]

Jul '11


On Saturday I began my journey from Dublin to Edinburgh, which involved flying from Dublin to Bristol, spending the night in Bristol, then taking a train Sunday morning to London, switching stations in London via the underground, then taking a train to Edinburgh. I arrived in Edinburgh around 5pm, and quickly found my way to [...]