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Jul '11


On Tuesday afternoon I left Edinburgh and took the train northwards. It was probably my most ‘off’ traveling day yet, as I just seemed to be in the way and not really with the program. Oh well, it was about time I had one of those days. I had to transfer in Glasgow, and that train was filled twice over, but it was smooth sailing after departing Glasgow for Mallaig. Mallaig is on the western coast of Scotland, about 5.5 hours north of Glasgow, if that helps with your directional sense.

Anyways, Mallaig is described as the start/end of the most scenic railway in the world (voted in 2007, apparently). And yes, its the train they filmed the Hogwarts express on. Its a ‘bustling port town’ of probably 500 people, but it supposedly is a big port for the seafood industry. I’m a bit skeptical though. So yeah, that’s Mallaig. I got in around midnight and then left around 10am, so a short stay!

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