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Jul '11


Well, I am in Glasgow now, sadly having had to leave Canna, but I am very excited about heading home tomorrow. Canna was so wonderful, especially because of the family ties to the island. It was so wonderful to stay with Magda, hearing the stories of Margaret and to be able to spend time in Canna House. I am not even going to try and describe it, but maybe a few photos will better tell the story.

The train from Mallaig to Glasgow is incredible though. Something about riding along one of the top rail journeys in the world nearly alone, watching the hills and lochs roll by as I munch on a lobster sandwich (freshly caught Canna lobster, fresh homemade bread and mayonnaise with chives from the garden), a beer and dark chocolate, only to be topped by hanging half out the train watching the sun set with the Scottish Highland air in my face. Maybe that begins to put it into words – absolutely incredible.

Glasgow is the opposite of Canna, so that is an interesting transition. I can’t escape the wonderful thought that tomorrow night I will sleep at home after a wonderful reunion with family – but that makes for a lonely today though, something about the contrast of what tomorrow will be like to what today is. Anyways, I need to finish packing my things and just getting everything in line for tomorrow to go smoothly. Can’t wait to be home!

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  1. Boone Groves Says:


    This js the end of your Blog; I want you to hear again how wonderful it was and how much we enjoyed it. You’re home now and I’m looking forward to some long conversations. Your ability to combine technology with travel has given Grandmom and me a unique personal perspective that we will long treasure. Thanks so much!!!

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