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Jul '11


On Saturday I began my journey from Dublin to Edinburgh, which involved flying from Dublin to Bristol, spending the night in Bristol, then taking a train Sunday morning to London, switching stations in London via the underground, then taking a train to Edinburgh. I arrived in Edinburgh around 5pm, and quickly found my way to the hostel. While on the train I had the novel idea to try and attend a church service in one of the cathedrals, to at 5:45 I headed for St. Giles cathedral, and was pleased to see they had an event at 6. Turns out, it was a choir/organ concert featuring the Kansas City First UMC choir – it was great to listen to some American classics in the heart of Scotland, albeit not what I was expecting.

Soon after the concert was over, I went in search of some food. While walking down the street I ran into two Canadians I met in Dublin, which was pretty random. Anyways, I settled on fish and chips – my first time having the decidedly British cuisine. The next morning I did some sightseeing and just generally walked around the city. That night I ended up getting drinks with two Australians I met in the hostel, which consisted of us getting three mini-bottles of whisky and having a taste test back in the room.

The next day I continued to take a self-guided/administered walking tour of the city. I ended up taking a tour of the Scottish Parliament building, Holyrood.

Then I scrambled to the top of Arthur’s Seat, the only dormant volcano in a city park – a taste of the highlands in the center of the city.

By mid afternoon I had to conclude my tour of Edinburgh as I needed to prepare to head up north towards Mallaig, which I will blog about shortly.

[Between my head and the near rocks is the castle if you look closely.]

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