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Jun '11


Well today I started the Aircraft Design Short Course at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. This weeklong class is proving to be quite intensive – we left this morning around 745, and got back at 1030pm….what a day! It is actually more a crash course on how to build an airplane – imagine at 430 page, 4 inch thick binder with every bit of information on how to rebuild Airbus from the ground up in case all human knowledge was lost tomorrow in the apocalypse. This course is covering EVERYTHING, especially the practical hands on way to design and guide an airplane concept from the idea stage to the hand off to the customer stage (on a managerial/CEO level all the way down to the low engineer level, everything is covered!).


Despite a slightly rocky start, things have started to go quite well, and the class is very enjoyable. The ‘free’ coffee seals the deal, and keeps me awake, but unfortunately the lack of air conditioning is hot enough to make the chocolate covered cookies/snacks melt. Oh well, we are just sweating a bit in class.


Anyways, Hamburg is a quite a nice town. Definitely a great place to live for a week while taking the course. On Sunday a guy studying at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), Josh, showed us around the city, which was great. After successfully dodging the E. Coli, we went around the harbor and lake. A beautiful town for sure! I can keep talking, but at this point, I have been in class for about 12 hours today, and my mind is shot – pictures will do much more justice.


Tomorrow we head to Airbus for a tour and continued lectures. Wednesday we are back at Airbus having lectures, and then Thurs/Fri are at HAW again. Friday afternoon we give presentations on our group projects, and take a test, confirming the legitimacy of the course. Oh! So there are 12 people total in the class, 6 from VT, and 6 from around the world. I made friends with a Serbian guy named Marko today, as well as some guys from India, Sir Lanka, Ghana, and the list goes on. We had dinner in the nice part of town overlooking the harbor, which was beautiful. Ok, I can tell that my thoughts are beginning to become really scattered, so I am headed to bed. I’ll blog again later in the week with a better update, I promise.


Oops, this last one was a bit blurry. But it is proof that I am here with friends :)

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  1. Kimura Says:

    yay you for finishing your taxes. I haven’t yet, and am deirdang it due to us having to pull money out of R’s 401k for his expenses. :(Hey, have you gotten any of the texts I’ve sent you recently? Sprint really seems to be dropping the ball and I’ve gotten complaints about me not getting texts that were sent, or people not receiving texts that I send.This is Pam, btw.

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