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Jun '11


Well, tonight I am in Cologne (Koln), which is a slight deviation from the initial plan. I was supposed to spend the night in Hamburg with VT people who also took the short course, but they all left earlier than expected, so I decided to move on. Tonight is my last night in Germany, and I am excited to be moving on. Its not that I dislike Germany, but I am getting a bit tired of the sausages, snitzel and ‘heffe’, and it will be nice to head over to Amsterdam tomorrow.


As you can see, Cologne is dominated by the main cathedral, which is quite impressive. I do not know much about it, but it was very powerful to walk around inside it this afternoon. Outside the cathedral was an Amnesty International concert, which was fun to see.

Its hard to believe that the study abroad portion is over – time seems to fly by so quickly. I had such a great time with my fellow VT friends, and the friends I met in the course. I will certainly miss being able to travel with people I know, but am looking forward to meeting up with friends in London and Montpellier.

Today was a low key day, which has been nice since tomorrow I will be traveling to Amsterdam. The train ride this morning was quite interesting – I got on and sat down, only to be surrounded by 50 or so elementary school kids, of which 1 was quite mad/confused that I stole his seat. But the mob blocked the way out, and it took alot of manuevering holding my backpack above my head to escape. From there I sat down in another seat, across from a special needs person who did not have any of the needed supervision – so that obviously lead to several issues. And from there, two women wanted my seat, and then decided against it, followed by several drunk middle age people who wanted to play cards at my table. In the end it all worked out, but it was much more chaotic than needed, and no one spoke English so there was a lot of guessing about what was going on.

All that led to me to miss home a lot today. I coped by going to Subway for dinner, the closest home-ish thing I could find. I definitely miss not having to deal with drunk, middled aged men on Saturday mornings. I miss the fact that special needs people usually have special attention and accommodations back in the States. Goodbyes are never fun, and its always hard to leave the place of longest residence to date for a city where I have no idea where to go once I got off the train. I don’t want to complain, or whine about this tremendous opportunity I have, but I just want to be honest with myself that its not always easy or fun to travel. But that will change. I think today is my third of 10 Saturdays away from home. I really miss my family, and the fact that I won’t be at church tomorrow morning. Being around friends for a week realize how much I value friends back home and at Tech.

Anyways, I am going to head to bed. Some sleep will help I’m sure. In the morning I head to Amsterdam, which should be a lot of fun. But I am still really looking forward to France a week from today! Thank you for all your support and prayers, it is much appreciated!

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  1. Micheal Mcgrant Says:

    This is good. The second paragraph also made a couple good points. I liked it.

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