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May '11

Continued Progress

Well, I’m back in Charlotte, finished with exams and it seems that life hasn’t really slowed down all that much but it is very nice to be back at home. It is so good to catch up with friends and people from church, and just to spend time with the family. I’ve been continuing to plan and make preparations for this summer…progress!

Today I booked a hostel in London and Luxembourg, as well as finalized my tickets to the Paris Air Show. In the past few days I have ordered a slew of random items online, including a world phone, power adapters, daypack, camera equipment and random other essentials for spending 10 weeks abroad. I am still trying to do a lot of research about the places I will be visiting so that I can maximize my time and hopefully smooth out any potential kinks. And that means a lot of time spent in Barnes and Noble!

It has been tough to try and figure out everything that I will need – there are just so many different scenarios to try and plan for. But… that is part of the adventure of traveling. I can’t really plan for everything, its going to require a lot of fluidity once I arrive, but hopefully the planning will pay off. Ok, well I got to get going, but thats an update on how things are progressing!

And, here is a calender version of my travel itinerary: Calender Itinerary

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