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Apr '11


Well, today was a long day in Barnes and Noble. I think I spent a little more than 6 hours there – working nonstop only a few feet from the international travel section, so I made full and complete use of every guide book out there. Some were good, some weren’t, but overall, its just a lot of information to sift through.

I made a few changes to my schedule, which is really exciting. Thank you guide books for pointing me beyond the ‘Oh, I’ve heard of that before – lets go there’ to the ‘Wow! I’ve reminds me of a dream I had once’ places. I am most excited about deciding to not go to Zurich, but instead go to Gimmelwald. And do you want to see where I will be staying?

Mountain Hostel

Yeah, thats right. Its a hostel in the Alps. So freaking excited. You ride a cable car to get there. Its at like 5,000′, and there is a cable car that goes to 9,000′ to a special place that serves breakfast. Oh, and here’s a view out the back porch:

Anyways, time for bed now. Will give a more detailed update tomorrow about the more finalized itinerary.

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