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Apr '11

Beginning planning

About a week ago, I booked the tickets for this summer. I fly out to Frankfurt on May 24th (arrive the 25th), and then fly back home from Glascow July 31st. Very exciting to have the opportunity to spend time studying and traveling for almost 10 weeks.

Now begins the process of figuring out and finalizing the itinerary so that I can begin to plan for accommodations and what sort of rail pass I will need. Currently, the tentative plan is to travel southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria for about a week and a half prior to studying abroad, then study for a week in Hamburg, Germany. After that, I’m planning to spend about a week and a half making my way down to Paris by way of Amsterdam, Brussels and Normandy, to make it in time for the Paris Air Show.

After Paris, I’m planning on hopping across the pond to London for about a week (visiting a friend) and then living/working in Bristol and Scotland for several weeks. And then come home the last day of July.

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