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Apr '11

A day of planning in B&N

So today’s goal is to make some serious headway with planning for this summer. I am camped out in Barnes and Noble, utilizing their travel guides to figure out where is the best places to go, when to be there, where to stay, what to do… you get the point. There is an incredible amount of information to sift through to plan traveling for 10 weeks in a half-dozen countries. Kinda overwhelming to begin with, but I’m beginning to make some headway.

I think I have planned out what the pre-study travel will look like. After today I will post a more detailed itinerary, but I just booked a hostel for two nights in Munich, Germany. I would never have found this hostel if it weren’t for the Lonely Planet guidebook, so for that I am grateful. Its close to Altstadt and the train terminus, and has free wi-fi and Ikea furniture apparently. Whatever, its progress and that is exciting.

Anyways, I gotta get back to planning this for several more hours, but hopefully after today I will have a much better idea of what things are going to look like for the summer. Exciting!

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